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Work hard. Play hard.
Defease With Ease®.

We think our 2002 vintage t-shirt summarized our philosophy across all of our service lines pretty accurately and succinctly.

Work Hard

When we say "work hard," we mean:

  1. working smarter and more effectively;
  2. engaging our minds and staying alert...understanding what we are doing and when we are doing it;
  3. focusing on consistency and creating action through thoughtful planning;
  4. seeking knowledge and asking thoughtful questions;
  5. teaching willingly, patiently and constructively;
  6. exploring new technologies, embracing innovation and welcoming opportunities to leave our comfort zone;
  7. considering carefully how every decision impacts our customers, our co-workers and our company;
  8. accepting that empowered people sometimes make mistakes and always learn from them;
  9. sharing credit for a job well done and feeling joy and pride in someone else's success;
  10. respecting our differences and insisting upon a non-judgmental environment;
  11. empowering each other to get better every day... there is no status quo; and
  12. building loyalty to the company and each other... together we achieve more.

Play Hard

When we say "play hard," we mean:

  1. living a rewarding, fulfilling, balanced work, family and personal life by establishing reasonable expectations for each and being organized and productive with our time;
  2. fostering a fun, positive atmosphere by checking our egos at the door and not taking ourselves too seriously;
  3. participating in company events and getting to know our colleagues... they're cool, interesting, fun people who like to laugh;
  4. finding time each day to enjoy each other's company and recharge our minds and bodies;
  5. pursuing good health and nutrition without forgetting the joys of ice cream, a good cup of coffee, chocolate, a nice bottle of wine and a cold beer... all in moderation;
  6. striving to be a good person; and
  7. devoting time and resources to improving our community and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Defease With Ease®

When we say "Defease With Ease®," we mean:

  1. applying our core values to help each customer have the best defeasance experience possible;
  2. recognizing the contributions that each employee makes to every customer's experience and proudly delivering unparalleled customer service; and
  3. committing to a larger, longer-term perspective in which our core values transcend any individual transaction or person;

Unbiased advice. Unsurpassed expertise.
Unbelievable customer service.

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