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Not your average
defeasance company.

And proud of it.

Our story

We founded Commercial Defeasance in 2000 before anyone even knew what defeasance was, so we’re not exaggerating when we call ourselves true industry pioneers. We’ve been performing defeasance transactions for commercial real estate owners ever since - and we truly love what we do.

By 2004, we helped streamline and standardize the defeasance process to bring the transaction costs down significantly. We also expanded into verifying yield maintenance calculations, auditing Adjustable Rate Mortgage adjustments and underwriting loan assumptions for commercial loan servicers. In 2007, we opened offices in New York and Los Angeles, doubled our Charlotte office space and began offering hedging advisory services. Great timing, right?!

Like most of our customers, we’ve been through boom times and bust times. Through it all, we focused on retaining the best people in the business and continued to bring our unparalleled experience and expertise to every customer in every aspect of everything we do.

If there was a silver lining to the economic downturn, it’s that it gave us some time to reflect on who we are and what is important to us as people and as a company. We established a set of core values and even found unique ways to give back to our customers and our community. We invite you, our valued customers and referral sources, to spend some time exploring our website and getting to know us a little better.

Important Commercial Defeasance Milestones

We’ve done a lot for the defeasance industry over the years. These are some of our proudest accomplishments.


Commercial Defeasance founded in Charlotte; creates the first online defeasance calculator; closes its first defeasance


Commercial Defeasance streamlines defeasance process significantly reducing transaction costs; structures and closes the first Canadian defeasance


Commercial Defeasance celebrates 5th anniversary; closes its 1,000th defeasance


Commercial Defeasance opens offices in New York and Los Angeles; expands into interest rate hedging advisory services


Commercial Defeasance celebrates 10th anniversary; announces Portfolio Tracker service; rolls out first Defeasance Calculator app


Commercial Defeasance emerges from The Great Recession with the most experienced defeasance team in North America; closes its 6,000th defeasance

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