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Defease With Ease® introduces another innovation:
the Life of Loan defeasance calculator.

If the exit costs don't make sense now, the Life of Loan calculator can help you find when they will.

"Life of Loan"

Building off the industry's most popular online defeasance calculator, our new Life of Loan analysis helps borrowers and their capital markets/brokerage experts forecast exit costs for EVERY future closing date scenario, with a single click. Our tool can help real estate owners and professionals analyze:

  • When defeasance costs make economic sense for your real estate transaction
  • Whether Defeasance or Yield Maintenance is a better fit for your new loan
  • What initial loan terms work best for your loan origination
  • Your property hold periods for new project financing
  • Assumption versus Defeasance scenarios for dispositions/acquisitions
  • If a Fixed or Floating rate loan suites debt terms and future exit needs

Step 1

Register or Sign in to your free account.

Step 2

Run a new defeasance calculation or Reference a saved estimate.

Step 3

Click on the "Life of Loan" button for any estimate.

Step 4

Results can be exported to Excel.

Ready to run a Life of Loan calculation?

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Sample Output:
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* table results will display through maturity

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