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Defeasance Services Deposit



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  • Description
  • Defeasance Services Deposit

  • Unit Price
  • $5000.00

  • Quantity
  • 1

  • Items Total
  • $5000.00
  • Total
  • $5000.00

Important - Please Read

When you enter the information requested below and click the “Submit Payment” button, you are paying the non-refundable processing fee referenced in Section 4 of our Engagement Agreement entered into (or to be entered into) for the referenced transaction. Note that this is the only payment we can receive by credit card. Servicer and servicer legal deposits will need to be made by wire transfer or check pursuant to separate instructions.

Please also be aware that the defeasance process does not begin until you have submitted your payment and completed all of the following requirements:

  1. Delivered the applicable loan documents to us for review
  2. Delivered our Engagement Agreement to us signed by the borrower
  3. Delivered the servicer and servicer legal deposits as instructed

After you click the “Submit Payment” button below, we will send a confirmation email to the email address you enter below. If we are unable to match the Transaction/Property Reference you enter below to an open file, or if any of the requirements listed above are incomplete, we will call you at the telephone number you enter.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 624-4779 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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